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Actor and Musician Johnny Green, a Bismarck man perhaps best known for appearing on the 1960’s television series ‘Batman’ has died. According to several of Green’s friends and associates who posted memories and condolences on social media, Johnny Green died last Tuesday.

In April, when Green was posing for pictures with fans alongside the Batmobile at the Fargo PopExpo, he stated that he was 80 years old.


He was on the original batman series and a lot of TV shows in the 60s and was also in several bands and was pretty big for a while with the Greens and then he has traveled around quite a bit and done a wide range of stuff so he’s a guy who’s always had a bohemian lifestyle and gotten around but he always loved coming back here that’s the thing.

He has toured with Bob Hope, opened for the Rolling Stones, hung out with Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, and ran Liberace’s publishing company. Green traveled across the U.S to different comic and pop conventions, bringing along the Batmobile to the delight of audiences.

Tribute to Johnny Green from his friends

A friend on Facebook: “RIP to my friend Johnny Green. He loved me like a son, he was my mentor, if there was a room full of people he would come right to me and ask me how I was doing. Thank you Johnny for believing in me, you will be missed so much.”

Another Friend wrote: “I’m so sad to hear about my friend Johnny Green dying. It was an honor to be able to hang out with a great and big-hearted friend. You will be missed, my Friend.”


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